Few Q & A's

What does M.o.M. clean?

  • Homes
    • Businesses
    • Churches
    • Camps
    • Move-in or Move-out cleanings
    • Post Construction clean-up
    • One-Time/Seasonal cleanings
    • Restoration Cleanings
    • Apartment Turn-arounds

Where does M.o.M. provide cleaning services?

Currently, Maids of Many provides cleaning services to Many, Negreet, Robeline, Florien, Zwolle, Toledo Bend Lake, and select areas of Natchitoches, La.

Why do I have to arrange a "walk-thru" appointment to receive an estimate?

An Appointment is needed to give an accurate quote because prices are figured by:

  • Location of the home/business
  • Square footage
  • Specific customer cleaning requests
  • Customer cleaning schedule
  • (when applicable) pet dander fees
  • Level of cleaning necessary

How does M.o.M. differ from hiring another individual?

M.o.M. is Bonded & Fully Insured for your protection, strives for PROFESSIONALISM, arrives in uniform, has on-hand cleaning solutions, supplies and equipment!

M.o.M.'s teams of two or more also means that your home/business receives twice the clean within less the time!

What types of cleaning schedules are offered?

Our Residential Customers may schedule a cleaning

Monday - Friday

8:30 am morning appointments

12:30pm afternoon appointments

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, or

One-time cleanings

*If a Saturday is requested, there will be an additional charge

Will M.o.M. schedule last minute requests?

If you request a cleaning that must be completed within 48hours or less, and if M.o.M. can pull together a team of 2 or more - a Convenience Charge will be added to your cleaning rate

What is considered a one-time cleaning?

One-time cleanings can be:

  • Post Construction cleaning requests
  • Move-In/Move-Out cleanings
  • Seasonal cleanings (such as Spring cleaning, After-Holidays cleaning)
  • preparing for big events or
  • any time a customer expects to use the cleaning services on a one-time basis.

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